Tahe Sail Twf 2023


Ideal for:

intermediate and advanced level riders
Perfect for Slalom and Foil sailing, and for Techno Wind Foil one design competition.

These are high performance sails for sailing and racing Techno Wind Foil boards, and compatible with any other slalom/Foil convertible board. They?re also excellent motors for total Freeride, with or without foil. Techno Wind Foil sails have been ratified by the Techno class for all Techno Wind Foil 130 competitions.
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TWF Sail 5.6

The new Techno Wind Foil sails have been specially designed to optimize your slalom and Windsurf Foil sailing and/or competition experience.

Stable and light weight like a non-cambered sail, they?re smooth and easy to control in flight. By slightly releasing pressure at the outhaul, they give a massive instant power-boost to get you up in flight quickly and easily. In flight they give you great straight line speed and are easy to control, thanks to their stable profile and light pressure on your rear hand, even in serious gusts and surges.

The design features a streamlined outline combined with serious volume in the lower section, exactly what you need for foil sailing.

They make up part of the full Techno Wind Foil One Design package, and we have paid special attention to trying to limit the investment required by individuals, clubs and schools to provide an entry to foil sailing and competition, and to helping windsurf foil sailing to develop as quickly and widely as possible.

To achieve this we have designed the Techno Wind Foil sails so they can be fitted to all existing Techno 293OD masts, mast extensions and booms. This means that everyone can limit their spending to just the sails themselves.
Key Features & Benefits

Streamlined outline Easy control, stable profile, increased slalom speed

Front-loaded profile Reduces pressure on the rear hand. Improved control when sailing on the foil

2 cambers, 6 battens Excellent profile stability, light weight and handling

Seriously tough reinforced fabric Durability even under regular intensive use

TWF sails are ratified by the international Techno class Guaranteed access/entry to all national and international Techno Wind Foil competitions
Technical Specs

Code 107424
Model TWF
Country of Manufacture China
Material Monofilm
Program Advanced / Expert
Sail Size 5.6 m²
Boom Length 172 cm
Ideal Mast 430
Battens 7
Base adjustment 0 cm

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